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Welcome to Robin! 

Office maps lead to better discovery, understanding, and wayfinding within the workplace connecting everyone with the people & resources needed for a productive day.

Everyone can upload and use interactive maps in Robin. If you're a new customer, you can use the map uploader in the web dashboard when you create your organization's account. If you're an existing customer with more floors to add, then you can send additional maps to your Customer Success Manager. The map uploader tool will be available to all customers soon.

Tips for submitting Maps

    • The floor plans should be clear of labels so structural details are visible.

    • Provide as much helpful information as possible to our team so they can convert and trace the map(s) accurately. (e.g., building name, floor numbers, correct orientation, any areas to exclude, etc. )

    • Only PDF, JPG, or PNG file types are accepted. 

      • If you cannot provide a map in one of the supported file types, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to 

    • More tips and FAQ here!

How to upload a map from the web dashboard

If you're new to Robin, you can upload a floor map using the map uploader tool in the Robin dashboard.  Note the map uploader tool is limited to one floor: one map. 

1. click the "Finish set up" prompt in the top navigation ribbon.


2.  Make sure your file is no larger than 25MB and is in one of the supported formats; PDF, JPG, or PNG file. 

3. Then drag & drop your map file into the box or click browse to attach your map file. 

4. Add notes about your floor plan to help our team convert and trace your maps accurately. Then click Upload 


5. All set! You'll receive an email notification within 2-3 business days when your map is ready. Check out the Maps FAQ & tips guide to learn more! 



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