Review your meeting schedule (mobile app)

From the schedule tab, you can view your upcoming events and the details, as well as, create an event.  

By default, events from your work calendar will sync with Robin and show up in your schedule. Adding additional calendars enables you to view a full picture of your day and week. 



Adding or removing calendars 

Events booked to any non-work calendar account are saved locally to your phone, and will not sync with Robin. These events are visible only to you, and anyone else attending the event. You can add or remove additional calendars by following these steps: 

Tap the profile icon to open the navigation menu.
Tap the Settings icon. This should appear to the right of your name.
From Settings > Scheduling, tap Calendars. Tap to add or remove any calendars from view in your schedule.


I don't see any calendar options

Calendars not showing up? Most likely, this means Robin doesn't have permission to access the calendars from your phone yet. Follow this guide for troubleshooting tips.

Change which calendar you save your event to

When creating events, you'll be able to select which calendar owns the event. Meetings in your office are great candidates for your work calendar, which will enable you to find and book an available meeting room. 

Supercharge your events

Events created on your work calendar and booked to Robin powered spaces will have some additional capabilities. Today, this means:

Quick book available rooms

Find and book available rooms on the spot by tapping the Office icon tab from the suggested spaces available right now. If your office uses presence, automatically book the room when you walk in (bluetooth enabled). 

End or extend events

If a meeting is running over, event organizers can extend their booking right from the event details. Conversely, if your meeting wraps up early, the end meeting button will free up the room for others to use. 


By default, attendees can confirm events up to two hours before the start time. Confirmed events will not auto-unbook, and are an indication that the space will be in use for the event's duration. Note, the confirmation window can be customized to fit your offices needs. The time before you can check into an event can range from 10 minutes to 12 hours. To avoid surprises, check with your office admin if you're not sure. 


Notifications will remind you before the start of your event, and five minutes before the event's end. 


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