Meeting actions

Actions in the event cards allow you to modify your meeting on demand. Actions are available for events happening in Robin powered spaces. 


Confirmations help schedules run smoothly by giving folks a way to indicate if a meeting is still happening. Any meeting participant may confirm the event up to two-hours in advance from the the event details card in the mobile app, from the web dashboard, or from the room display. 

Confirmed events will not auto-unbook.



Extend meeting and end meeting

Once a meeting has been confirmed and is in progress, event organizers will see Extend and End action buttons in the event card. If another meeting is scheduled to start directly after yours, you'll only see the option to End.


Need a little more time to wrap up your conversation? Meeting organizers may extend their room reservation assuming the room is free by tapping "Extend" from the event card and then selecting a duration. 


In the event your meeting ends early, give yourself a pat on the back for efficiency. Then, tap "End" to free up the room for others to use. 




It's easy to lose track of time when you're engaged in your meeting. Robin sends contextual notifications five minutes before the end of your event with options to end or extend.







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