The People tab on mobile app

Use the People tab on the mobile app to see when co-workers plan to be in the office, and where they're sitting, and add them as favorites.  

Adding co-workers as favorites 


Open the mobile app and navigate to the People tab


Tap the star next to a co-worker to add them to your favorites.


After you've added favorites, you can:

      • Filter the people list by favorites> tap the Favorites button at the top.

      • Tap See who's in this week to see when your favorites are scheduled to come into the office that week, then tap a favorite to see where they're sitting on the office map.


Tap on a colleague to see:

  • Their department (when available)

  • Email address

  • Current desk location

  • Their desk schedule for the week.

  • Tap Sit nearby to book a desk near them! 

  • Star their profile to add to your favorites if you haven't already.


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