Mobile v3 transition guide

In March 2017 we released a new version of the mobile app for iOS. Android friends, your update launched in April 2017. This guide will help people familiar with v2 get up to speed quickly.

What's new

The new mobile app is a result of countless user feedback sessions and it's been redesigned to help Robin fit into your work week. Here are some of the key changes:

  • View and manage your upcoming events from the Schedule Tab 
  • Link to the calendars you use regularly and see a full picture of your workday
  • Browse availability of spaces, or search based on specific filters from the Office Tab
  • Office search makes it easier to jump to a specific location or space
  • Manage events right from the app through meeting actions

All of the same features you've come to rely on to quickly find and book spaces are still available in the latest app update. 



"How can I see which spaces are available?"

In the new Office Tab, you'll see which rooms in your default location are available today, for 30 minutes, starting now. If you don't have a default location set, Robin will remember the location you search most frequently, and will automatically fill it in for you. 

This redesigned view blends the browse and search functionality of the previous version into one supercharged screen. Folks familiar with the web dashboard should notice some similarities when searching on mobile. 


"How can I view spaces in a different location?"

To change locations, or search across multiple locations, just update your search parameters. 

"How can I view a specific space?"

View the full list of spaces in a location by tapping the Search Bar. This brings up a list of the spaces and locations within your organization. It's the best place to go if you're looking to scan a list of spaces or jump to a specific space. Tap the name of the space to view details and/or reserve it for a particular time. 

Here's the how-to: 




"How do I book a meeting starting now?"

Quick-booking makes it easy to grab a space for an ad hoc event. Find a space available "now". From the space details, tap the "Now" pill to pull up the quick-booking options. Tap your desired meeting duration to reserve the space for the selected time. 

Here's how: 



"How can I view the schedule for the space?"

The trimmed down space details view serves up the most relevant information. This includes the space's availability in relation to your search criteria, amenities and notes, and directions to navigate from your current location (requires an integration with Meridian).  

The full daily agenda for each space is still available within the web dashboard for office admins and others who may be responsible for managing meetings they're not a part of. 


Have any other questions? We're here to help make this a smooth transition via live chat or support emails.

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