Editing or deleting a recurring event

Recurring events are currently a Beta feature. We're slowly rolling out full support based on calendar type, so check the instructions below for the steps that fit your team's set up.

Google Calendar

Starting April 4, 2017, full support for recurring events will be available for companies using Google Calendar. 

This means folks can edit or delete an entire recurring series through Robin. Here's how: 

Recurring events will show a new tab for the entire series.


This page shows all of the individual event instances.


From this page you can manage single instances or the entire series at once.


Recurring events in schedules include a handy indicator you can hover over for details.


Office 365 & Exchange

Recurring event support for Microsoft calendars is available as an opt-in beta with some limitations. Today it supports creating recurring events. Once created, you can edit and delete the specific instance of an event series like any other event from Robin. Keep in mind these changes will not affect the entire series of events.

You have two options for editing the entire series at once.  

Editing from your personal calendar in Outlook

Some Office 365 users will be able to make changes to the event via Outlook, and see the changes sync back to Robin. 

You must remove the room from the event invitation before you delete it in order to free the room up for others. 


Enlist the help of an account admin at your organization

If you're unable to edit the series from Outlook, or if you've deleted the series from Outlook but it still shows in Robin, you may need to ask for some help in deleting the event. 

In this case, you'll want to enlist the help of someone in your office with access to the room's calendar. He or she will be able to help delete the entire series at once from the room calendar directly. These changes will sync back to Robin, and free up the room for others. 

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