Create an event in the web dashboard

The Create Event feature allows users to easily book meetings from the Robin dashboard. The Create Event button is accessible at the top right of the header in your dashboard.

Create an Event

Upon clicking the Create Event button the Event Composer modal will pop up, prompting you to enter in your meeting details.


Choosing a calendar

When you create an event using the email and calendar associated with your Robin account -- typically your work email address -- you can easily add available meeting rooms within your office. 

Swap calendars to create events outside of the office. These events will sync with your external calendars (google, ical, etc), and will not be visible to anyone else using Robin. 

Inviting others to your event

You can also invite others by entering their email address. Robin syncs with your contact list to auto-complete invitee email addresses

Video conferencing integrations

Select your integrations (Zoom and BlueJeans) in the event composer to include a video conference link. 

Automatic conflict checks when editing 

This event composer has a few extra tricks that make it easy to avoid scheduling conflicts when editing your events. Robin will automatically check to see if the room has a conflict and show it's updated status in the space row. Green means the space is still available, and red indicates a conflict. 


Ad hoc events

If you're looking to book spaces on a more ad hoc basis, quick book from the time pills in the space cards allows you to reserve a space for 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals on demand. Event details aren't necessary here, but you can always go back and Edit the event if you'd like to add invitees, details, or a custom meeting title.



Please visit here for creating an event on mobile.

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