Install Robin's Office 365 Add-In for Outlook


  • Office 365 
  • Admin in Office 365 

Compatible Apps

  • Outlook 2013 or later
  • Outlook 2016 for Mac
  • Outlook on the Web


With Robin's Outlook Add-In, you can bring space search and extra office context into Outlook calendars without having to leave your calendar system. Once installed for your tenant, a sidebar with extra information about the office will appear when creating or viewing events. If the event already has conference rooms invited, Robin will show details about the space automatically.

How it works

A better look at your office


A few things the Outlook extension is good at:

  • "What is the best time for all invitees?"
  • "When's the next time this conference room is available?"
  • "Will I have a whiteboard available in this afternoon's meeting?"
  • "Are there any other spaces with video conferencing free right now?"

How to download

Robin's Outlook Add-In is available via the Office Store directory. Once installed by an administrator, it will appear as an option in both Outlook's desktop and web apps.

Manual Install

Can't use the Office Store? To install the add in via a manifest instead, use

Get Robin in Outlook Install Outlook Add-In

Common Pitfall

If users hit this screen below when trying to open the Robin extension for the first time you will need to enable user consent at an organizational level in order for users to access the add- in.



Manage user access to add- ins

Add-Ins are available to all users on your Outlook account by default, or individual groups if your administrators have enabled more specific permissions. This is not a setting apps (Robin included) can manage directly for you. If you only want a subset of your users to have access to Robin's (or any other) Add-In, you'll need to have an admin adjust permissions within Outlook accordingly. 

For more advanced tasks, the plugin also gives a direct path to continue in Robin's web (and mobile) apps. Have something else you'd like to see the plugin bring into your calendars? We'd love to hear about it.

Get Robin in Outlook Install Outlook Add-In

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