Booking events with the Google extension


  • Google Calendar
  • Supported browser

With the release of the Robin Google extension, you can bring space search directly into your calendar system. To book an event using the Google extension click any open time spot on the calendar that doesn't already have an event scheduled. Once you arrive at the event details page the Robin extension should be on the right-hand side of the calendar. From there you can scan through the available rooms. Click on one of the green time pills and save the event.  




When you are booking through the Google extension you should keep in mind that you are still booking events using your own Google account. When you book events in the Robin dashboard you are booking through your organization's account connected to Robin (you will often hear us refer to it as a booking user). What this means is you may not have the same permissions on your account as your organization's booking user. So if you see that your events are being rejected booking through the Google extension then it is most likely that you do not have the correct permission to book on that spaces resource calendar. You can check with your system admin in order to gain access to the correct calendar permissions.

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For more about installing the Google extension click here.

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