Rooms v3: a guide to what’s new

Updated September 2017

After collecting feedback and analyzing hundreds of thousands of interactions with displays, we’re excited to release a new version of Robin Rooms: redesigned with every employee in mind.

This update gives Rooms a fresh new face and helps admins keep tabs on their flock of room displays from the Dashboard. We also made it easy to start ad hoc meetings with fewer taps (just one!) and brought forward previously hidden features like Report issue and Find another space.


Upfront and accessible: visualize the day and quickly find another space

In the new version of Rooms we brought Find another space and Report issue into the spotlight. Let Facilities know about broken lightbulbs by reporting issues, without digging around in the menu. 

Learn more about nearby spaces and their availability when you need them. When presenting options, Find another space will now show photos and extra information like Amenities and Level. Results are ordered intelligently by things like proximity and we’ll let you know if a nearby room is going to free up soon.

Pop open Today's schedule from the sideline, now in a timeline view. Confirmed events are presented with checkmarks, so you can predict if a room might free up due to a canceled meeting.


View meeting attendees and details

Meeting details and attendee information has moved into a side panel, accessible by tapping the ellipses following the meeting details. People detected via presence will show in this list as well.  


Under the hood: improved device management and status reporting

With this release we've enhanced a few admin-only tools.


System Status has improved device reporting. Minimize frantic jogs around the office to check out tablet connectivity and battery levels: Manage > Devices provides extra information about each paired tablet. You can monitor the following from the comfort of your desk

  • OS and app version number
  • Power source and battery level
  • Network info
  • Hardware manufacturer and model
  • Application and version number

From the device, new options allow you to Send Error Logs to Robin when you experience unexpected behavior (so we can help you troubleshoot faster.)

Settings Management

We've moved settings management into the web dashboard to ensure only admins have the ability to enable/disable settings. You can still control what is visible for each event and other settings from Manage > Offices > Space

Existing settings will not change for your displays. If you had settings hidden previously (or only accessible via PIN), good news: they're still hidden. The PIN will still be used to access the lone administrative feature on the display, "Pair with new space". 

Rolling out to your team

Good news: if you need more time to update your room displays you can continue running previous versions of the app. We’re building all upcoming features for the latest version, so we recommend rolling out updates when you have a chance.

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