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The Zoom integration allows you to create Zoom meeting links within Robin events. Keep in mind: requires your Robin account email matches email used to create Zoom meetings.

Before you integrate

Robin Users will only be able to generate Zoom meetings if their emails match existing Zoom accounts. Before you enable the integration for your company, we recommend reviewing your Account Users in Zoom. Once you enable the integration, these users will be able to successfully create Zoom meetings from their Robin account.

If there are members in your Robin account not represented in Zoom Users, you can invite them from this page. Here's a preview:


Using Zoom in RingCentral?

No problem! Follow the same steps below to integrate through RingCentral.

How to enable

1. Navigate to Manage > Integrations > Zoom


2. To connect, we'll prompt you for your Zoom API credentials: API key and API secret. API information is available to Zoom admins from the Developer Account, linked in Here


3. From Zoom Developers, navigate to API and copy the Key and Secret back into Robin. 


4. A successful connection will display in Integrations


Adding a Zoom link to an event

Once enabled, adding Zoom links to events is easy. Zoom can be found the Event Composer.

Not seeing the option to include a Zoom link? Ask an Admin to add your account in Zoom Users. 






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