Connect your individual work calendar


  • Robin account
  • Google Calendar
  • Office 365
  • Exchange

Connect your individual work calendar with Robin to access enhanced scheduling features. In this guide, you'll learn the benefits of connecting your calendar account and how to connect it with Robin. 


Exchange users

This isn't supported with Exchange. To access more advanced scheduling features, we recommend transitioning to Office 365.


  1. View ALL of your events in Robin

    1. You'll be able to see all of your events on the Schedule page in the web dashboard and mobile app, including events without a space attached, such as a coffee date with a co-worker.

    2. Note: Users will only see the events they’re invited to or have organized on their schedule. Robin will not share or sync any event data for events outside of Robin-powered spaces.

  2. Avoid scheduling conflicts

    1. When you(and your co-worker's work calendars are connected to Robin, you can see who's free or busy before creating the event. Resolving conflict before it happens!

    2. Robin will always respect user privacy.  When Robin checks invitee availability, we only check against the calendar’s free-busy API. Meaning we can only see if the user (invitee) has an event or not – we can't see any details from that event.

  3. Invitees will auto-populate from the contact list

    1. When you search for by colleagues' names in the invitee field, your contacts' email addresses auto-complete.

  4. Personal booking - Requires admin configuration first

    1. When the "Allow personal booking" setting is enabled for your organization (+ your work calendar is connected), you're the owner of your events, unlocking a few extra scheduling perks. This means you're managing your schedule as yourself, and all events scheduled through Robin are created and owned by you instead of the account your organization has integrated with Robin.

    2. Robin creates the event as you, the user, and respects the user permissions you've been granted in your native calendar system. Therefore, you can:

      • Manage your events from anywhere, such as canceling your event or changing the event time, date, location, attendees, etc.

      • Book events on behalf of others if you have delegate calendar access.

How to connect your calendar 

If you logged in using single sign-on, then your calendar is already connected, and you're all set. If you didn't log in to Robin using single sign-on, then connect your calendar under your user settings in the web dashboard. 

1. Open the web dashboard and click your Avatar in the top right corner. 

2. Click User Settings.

3. Click Integrations.

4. From the integrations page, click Connect. Add your G Suite or Office 365 calendar and follow the Oauth verification steps.




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