Connect your personal Google or O365 account

Looking to set up the calendar integration for your entire company? Check out this guide instead.


  • Google Calendar
  • Robin account
  • Office 365

Connect your G Suite or Office 365 accounts with Robin to access a handful of additional features and customize scheduling.

Your account will be connected automatically if you already sign into Robin using Single Sign-On.

Additional features

For everyone 

Auto-complete invitees from your contacts

When Robin has access to your account, your contacts' email addresses will auto-complete into the invitee form when you search by (display) name. 

Note: For Microsoft users, this means Robin will pull any contacts saved to your "My contacts" list in Outlook. Keep in mind the "My Contacts" list is different from the Outlook office directory. 


Requires admin configuration  

Sign into Robin using Single Sign On 

When Single Sign On is enabled for your organization, connecting your account allows you to sign into Robin using your G Suite or Office 365 account. 



Own the meeting you organize  

When Impersonation is enabled for your organization, connecting your account means all events scheduled through Robin are created and owned by you instead of the account your organization has integrated with Robin.  



How to connect your account: 

Navigate to your User Settings by clicking on your Avatar > Settings > Integrations.

From the Integrations page, Connect either your G Suite or Office 365 account. 


When you connect your account, you're giving permission for Robin to access the following information:

  • View your email address
  • View your contacts
  • Manage your calendars 



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