Resolved: Rooms v.3 crashes periodically on iOS

The engineering team resolved an issue with iPads running iOS versions 9-11 and Rooms versions 3.0.0 or 3.0.1. In some cases, the app crashed frequently and devices went to sleep despite the Rooms app running in Guided Access mode, and/or set to "Never Lock". Android and Chromebase devices are unaffected.

An update released on January 23, 2017 should resolve this issue.  

Download the update Rooms v.3.0.2+


Scope + Impact

Recent updates to the Rooms app introduced a memory leak for a small number of iOS devices, and most acutely impacts devices which aren’t running Guided Access or Single App Mode.

After running for 1-2 days on average, these devices would run out of memory and cause the app to close. Once the app was restarted, the timer would restart. The average device would experience this issue as the device crashing unexpectedly.

Impacted devices received a number of iterative patches to help mitigate the symptoms. Version 3.0.2 addresses the root cause of the memory leak and should resolve the issue.


Download the update Rooms v.3.0.2+

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