Using BlueJeans & BlueJeans Relay in Robin



  • BlueJeans account


About the integration

Connecting a BlueJeans account in Robin will allow you to create BlueJeans links while booking an event in the Robin Dashboard.


  • Robin users will connect to BlueJeans from their personal Robin accounts. 

Enable BlueJeans

1. From your Avatar > User Settings > Integrations.


2. Scroll down to the BlueJeans integration and click connect. 



3. Enter your account information and accept the terms.  



Create a BlueJeans event

When creating a new event in Robin, you'll see the option to include video conferencing in the bottom right corner of the event composer.

Warning: Video conferencing links can only be added to new events and cannot be added to existing meetings. 



Automatically start your next BlueJeans meeting when you check-in 

If your organization is using BlueJeans Relay with Robin, your next BlueJeans meeting will automatically start when you tap check-in from the room display. Learn more about BlueJeans Relay here.

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