Viewing desk check in statuses

Admins can use the Daily Roster located on the Access page (Manage >Access) in the web dashboard to see desk check-in data for any given day. The Daily Roster captures information like who checked in, when they checked in, and how they checked in. It also provides a summary of the number of desk checks in made remotely and locally each day.

Note the different check-in actions and their responses:

  • Selecting Check-in confirms the reservation; checked-in status is visible in-app, as well as, in exports & the roster. 

  • Selecting Cancel releases desk before the reservation starts → reservation canceled & marked on the roster as "Not coming in"

  • Selecting End releases desk after reservation starts → reservation ended & marked on the roster as "Not coming in"


If you want to take a deeper dive into real-time desk data and usage, check out the Workplace Insights dashboard and the Desk Analytics dashboard. These dashboards are great for identifying utilization patterns to help make more data-driven decisions about the workplace. 


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