Microsoft Teams + Robin: Get a summary of "Who's in" the office

With the Robin app for Teams, you can instantly look up who's going to the office, where a teammate is sitting, and if your favorite space is available using the Robin bot. The Robin app is compatible with the Teams desktop, web, & mobile app.



Microsoft made a change

Microsoft recently made a change to their bot functionality, and the messaging extension can no longer be initiated by @mentioning the bot.  


First, Robin needs to be added to one of your "Team channels" if it isn't already:


Then open the Robin app in the channel from the overflow tool menu below the chat box or from the overflow menu on the individual message.  


Or from here:


After selecting the "Who's coming in" command, the Robin bot will ask you to select an office location from the drop-down menu. 


Then in that same channel, the Robin bot will share/post a digest of who's going into that office that week. It will look something like this:


Click Update your plans to see a more detailed list of everyone that is planning to go into the office each day and the option to join them. Clicking Join takes you to Robin, where you can finish making your plans.



We've also provided a list of other available commands and an example of each below. 

  • Help: Returns a help dialog using the bot

  • Who's coming in [select location]: Fetches a summary of everyone that is planning to come into the office that week. 

  • Where is [person]: Finds where a person is currently sitting

  • Where is [space]: Retrieves space details

  • Free at [location]: Fetches meeting room availability for location

Example of Where is [person]: Finds where a person currently is sitting. 


Example of Where is [space]: Retrieves space details for a meeting room with the option to reserve it if it's available.


Example of Free at [location]: Fetches meeting room availability for a location.



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