Slack + Robin: The "Who's in" summary

You can use the Robin app for Slack to automatically receive the "who's in" summary each week, or you can ask Robin "who is in the office this week" with a Slack command.  


How to "ask Robin" for a summary of who's in the office

Use the command /who-is-inas a direct message to see who has plans to visit your (preferred) office this week. Having trouble with the "/who-is-in" command? See the note below.  


Bot for Slack Commands December 2022

Refresh integration for the "Who's in" command 

If you currently have Slack connected, you'll need to disconnect the integration for Slack on the organization level to access the new "who's in" digest command. We know this is not ideal, and we're working on a better solution. Check out this troubleshooting guide for more information. 

Sunsetting commands

We've been working on ways to improve our existing Slack experience, and as part of this, we've decided to sunset the previous Slack commands (listed below) by the end of the year. We're currently building a new Slack experience that helps you stay connected with your workplace and the people in it, such as the "Who's in" command. 


How to automatically receive the "who's in digest"

Locate Robin under your Slack apps, and on the home tab under "Who's in digest summary," click Create new digest.


Select the office you want to keep tabs on, when you want to receive the notification, and which Slack channel you want the digest to post in. * All members in that Slack channel will receive the digest, not just you.

Then click Schedule, and you're all set!

who_in_step_2.pngNow, you can easily see who plans to visit the office each week without lifting a finger!

You can also dive in a little deeper to see who added the digest, remove the Who's In Digest from any channel, and see a list of all the digests currently active for Robin.  image (31).png


Having trouble accessing the command?

In order to get this functionality, the integration for Slack on the organization level needs to be refreshed by a Robin admin. We know this is not ideal, and we're working on a better workaround for this. Admins, follow this guide for steps on how to do this.

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