Add work area labels (AKA neighborhoods)

Use Work Areas to define regions of the office and help employees identify the best place to work at-a-glance from the office map.  Admins can also collect utilization data around how different work areas are used under the "Todays" tab on the desk analytics page. 

Best practices before beginning:

  • Use work areas to communicate how different parts of the office are intended to be used. Examples might include working style (e.g., collaboration vs. focus), department, team, or neighborhood.

  • Select multiple desk groups which encompass a work area. Click and drag your cursor over multiple desk groups to create and name your selection. Or, hold the shift key while selecting individual desks.

  • Name work areas in a way that employees will easily be able to identify the part of the office. Recommend keeping names descriptive yet brief.

How to create a work area


Open the Layout tool by navigating to the Office tab > select the office + floor you want to add furniture to.


Click Edit floor in the top right corner of the map > Layout


Select Work Areas in the side toolbar.  


Drag your cursor across a group of desks to encompass a work area. Select a piece of furniture and drag & drop it onto the map. 


Name the work area --  based on department, work style, teams, neighborhood themes, etc. 

2023-09-14_11-37-07 (1).gif

The work area labels are displayed on the office map in the web dashboard & the mobile app with the option to zoom in to see more details.

Web dashboard:




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