Step 4: Add points of interest to your map

Supported Plans

  • All plans

User Permissions Required 

  • Manage offices & maps at the location/building level

Add markers to show points of interest around your office, like an elevator or restroom. Use the Layout tool to create custom points of interest or select one from the list. 



To open the Layout tool, navigate to the Office tab > select the office + floor you want to add points of interest to.


Click Edit floor in the top right corner of the map > Layout


In the left side panel, click Layout > scroll down to Points of Interest. Hover over the different options.  


Drag & drop a default POI, or use the custom POI option if you don't see what you're looking for. 

For custom POI, drag & drop the custom icon onto the map, label it, and then select Done to save it.

Hot tip: You can use the custom POI option to represent devices, like kiosks & status boards, around your office too. 

2023-09-14_10-18-25 (1).gif

You can change/edit the name of the POI. Otherwise, the POI will autosave once you click somewhere else on the map. 

If you need to delete a POI, select it with your cursor > click delete or use the Delete key on your keyboard. 


Click Publish in the top right corner when you want the changes to go live.  


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