Step 5: Add office furnishings to your map

Supported Plans

  • All plans

User Permissions Required 

  • Manage offices & maps at the location/building level

Add office furnishings like bar stools, couches, floor cushions, & tables using the Layout tool to round out your office in Robin. Today, these elements are not bookable. In the example below, we've added couches.



To open the Layout tool, navigate to the Office tab > select the office + floor you want to add furniture to.


Click Edit floor in the top right corner of the map > Layout


Select Layout in the side toolbar & scroll down to the "furnishings" section. Hover over the different options.


Select a piece of furniture and drag & drop it onto the map. You can pull apart the furnishings, like the table with 8 chairs, and move the chairs around to represent your office best. 


The piece of furniture will autosave once you click somewhere else on the map. 

2023-09-14_10-26-15 (1).gif


To delete a piece of furniture, click it to select it > Delete. 


Click Publish in the top right corner when you want the changes to go live. 

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