Enable presence with Estimote beacons

Robin uses a variety of methods to know when someone is in a room. We call this  presence

One method pairs beacons with a space. Think of the beacon as a tiny radio. It sends out a signal which the Robin mobile app listens for. The app hears and interprets the information, then responds by saying "this phone is here". 

Specifically, beacons share 3 important numbers with Robin:

  • UUID: beacon identification
  • Major: the general location
  • Minor: the specific room


Estimote sells a variety of beacon types. Robin works with the proximity beacons.

To pair an Estimote beacon with your room, follow these steps.

Find the values of your Estimote

Open the Estimote app on your phone. Estimote's app is available on both iTunes and on Google Play
Login, then tap Configuration from the bottom-right in the menu.



Touch one beacon to the back of the phone. This will show up as the beacon closest to your phone on the Radar screen. Tap that beacon to open the "Beacon Details" screen. The beacon should connect automatically. 



Tap Name to name your beacon. Recommend naming it after the space you're about to pair it with. This makes it easy to keep track of later. 



Tap the Broadcasting tab > Select iBeacon > toggle to enable.  Scroll down to find the UUID, major and minor values. Keep these handy. 



Tap the Transmit Power field and confirm that the beacon's broadcasting radius roughly matches the size of the space with which it'll be paired. 




Tap the Advertising Interval field and confirm that the beacon is broadcasting about once per second, or 100 ms.



Beacon settings

Robin works with Estimotes when they're in "Proximity Mode". Make sure the primary packet type is set to "Estimote Default", and the Secure UUID is set to "Off".


Add the UUID, major, and minor values into the Robin web dashboard.

Administrators can add devices to their spaces from the web dashboard. Navigate to the space details screen for the room you'd like to add a beacon to, and click Manage.
Scroll down to the Devices header, and click Add beacon.
When you get to the "Create device" screen:
  1. Select Estimote from the Mode dropdown menu. This will automatically fill in the Estimote's UUID.
  2. Enter the major and minor values of the beacon found in the app.


When finished, click Add Device on the Robin dashboard. Your beacon is now paired with your space.

Clear the beacon cache in your app to start posting presence

If you're using an iPhone, you'll need to clear the beacon cache within the Robin app. This allows Robin's mobile apps to start ranging for the new beacon.

Open the Robin app. Tap the Settings icon and open the setting menu.
Scroll down and tap the button: Clear beacon and space data.
Return to the home screen. Your new beacon should be activated! You may need to force quit and restart the app if you're not picking up presence. 

Common Pitfalls

Aren't seeing yourself in the Robin mobile app after adding beacons? If you're using an iPhone, navigate to Settings > "Clear beacon and space data" to start ranging for your new beacons. If that doesn't work, try these tips.

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