How to test without beacons

If you don't have any beacons on hand, you can test out Robin presence using software-based beacons. Using the Bluetooth on iOS, you can easily turn an iPhone into a beacon. 

Here's how: 

Download any app that lets you set and broadcast UUID, Major, and Minor values to your mobile phone. We like Beacon Broadcaster for iOS. It's free. 

Pro tip

Keep the app running on screen. Switching apps may cause it to stop broadcasting the beacon signal. 

Log into the dashboard and click on the space you'd like to pair with a beacon. Click on the "Presence" tab for the space.
Click the red "Add a beacon" button at the bottom of the screen. 


In the pop-up, make sure you select the Robin (iBeacon) mode. This will generate a custom identifier (UUID) that you will need to input into the beacon app on your phone. 

Enter the 16-digit UUID value from Robin into your beacon manager. 
Enter the major/minor values show on your beacon manager into the Robin dashboard. If you get an error, or if no values are shown, you can create your own unique pair. Make sure to enter these in both the app and in the Robin dashboard.

Pro tip

We recommend a 3-5 digit number for both major and minor pairs. 

When you're done editing your beacon within the app, click "Done". Double check that the values match with those input into the Robin dashboard, and click "Add beacon"

Your phone is now paired with your space, and is broadcasting as a beacon for that space. Once your hardware beacons arrive, just set those up with the same values.

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