Permissions in the iOS app

Like other mobile apps, Robin requires you to grant certain permissions to work properly. Here is a list of what Robin asks for when you first log in, and why.

  • Bluetooth - Enable so Robin can use your device's Bluetooth LE to communicate with beacons in a space. To activate, open Setting>Bluetooth and ensure it is set to "on". 
  • Location Service - Enable so Robin can understand and communicate your presence to our software. To activate, open Settings>Privacy>Location Services and ensure it is set to "on".
  • Location set to "always" - Allow Robin to use iOS's location services to determine if you are in a Robin powered space - even if your phone is in your pocket. To set the correct permission, open Settings>Privacy>Location Services and locate the Robin app from the list. Ensure that "Location: is set to "Always". 
  • Background App Refresh - Enable so Robin can communicate with BluetoothLE, iBeacons and the Robin servers to accurately post your presence. To set the correct permission, open Setting>General>Background App Refresh and locate the Robin app from the list to set it to "on". 

If your Robin app doesn't seem to be working, confirm that all permissions have been granted. To do this, follow these steps: 

Open the Robin app on your phone. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the home screen.
On the Settings screen, tap "Status"


If all dots are filled in green, then your app has the permissions it needs to run. You're all set!

If one or more dots shows up as red, then tap the issue. The app will prompt you with instructions to correct.


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