Presence FAQs

What is presence? 

Presence (exactly like it sounds) is how Robin learns who is in the room. When you walk into a room with a proximity beacon in it, the mobile app tells the room that you've arrived. The app will periodically let the room know you're there and update any calendars connected to the room. We call this presence.

How does Robin know who I am? 

The mobile app uses the Bluetooth in your phone to communicate with beacons and Robin.

Proximity beacons essentially call out the name of their assigned rooms. The app listens for the beacon signals. When you walk into a room, the app tells Robin and the space that you (or, more specifically, your device) are near the beacon. 


We've written a guide for beacon setup here.

Can I manage my privacy settings? 

Your location is only shared with the people in your company. You can change your visibility settings within the mobile app at any time. 

Our privacy policy ensures your data will be kept safe. If you have questions, reach out to us at


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