Getting Started: IT Administrator

What is this thing?

Robin is a cloud-based subscription software system that integrates with the calendars you're already running. It adds a new layer for schedule management and analytics that technical support teams, and the employees they support, find easier to work with. You can learn more on our main site.

What does Robin mean for me?

With Robin in place you'll have an easier time seeing what types of events happen in the office, and be able to make more informed decisions about technology in common meeting spaces.

What kind of company is Robin?

Robin is overwhelmingly an engineering organization. You'll be able to have a deeply technical conversation with virtually any member of the team. Please ask hard questions. We're happy to answer them.


We take security extremely seriously and dedicate time every week towards hardening the systems our customers rely on. You can find an overview and whitepaper of our specific security practices and network architecture here:


If you have questions that aren't covered, feel free to reach out directly to, and we'll get your answers in a flash.

What does it do?

People use Robin to:

  • Find free space
  • Book calendar events for rooms
  • Get meetings started quickly
  • See what's happening in the office

One of the biggest things Robin does is help people help themselves.

A good example is the room display. It's an app for iPad and Android tablets that you mount outside of each meeting room door. As meetings come up, the app will automatically display it and show that the room is booked so nobody will take the room. It also gives your co-workers the ability to start and end meetings from the door, so when meetings end early the calendar will free up.

Features, Improvements, and Feedback

As a cloud-based system, the majority of our upgrades take place automatically and no not require any extra help from IT departments. In the case of our mobile and tablet apps, you may periodically need to update the apps running on screen. Don't worry, account administrators (just like you) receive email alerts including changelogs whenever a new version is available.

We are a customer-led product and rely heavily on the feedback of our users to impact what gets built next. Many of the tools for managing larger organizations have come directly from conversations with IT professionals such as yourself. That being said, we do not publish our product roadmap publicly and do not have plans to do so in the future.

We measure success by the ease of integration with a company's existing infrastructure. If something about our installation or usage causes you problems, we want to hear about it.

What hardware do I need?

Even though Robin is capable of running strictly as a web portal and mobile app, it works best if there are room displays to showcase availability. This is done by placing (or mounting) tablets by meeting spaces. All of our apps run on both Android and iOS devices.

We keep a list of recommended hardware here.

How do I use it?

Since Robin syncs with your existing calendar, everyone can continue scheduling meetings in the same way they do now. They (and you) will have better tools for finding the right space.

On our web and mobile apps, you can search for rooms free at a specific time, and then schedule them directly from Robin. We've seen this search feature solve many games of "last minute meeting musical chairs". As the IT administrator, you'll typically use the web dashboard a few times per month to see if there are any issues with room usage that might be attributed to equipment gaps.

What do I need to set up?

Since you're the technical expert, you'll set up the booking account and shared calendar access. As the IT administrator, you have a few early (but critical) steps in the setup process. At most companies, set up is a team effort that involves facilities and office administrators.

When in doubt, check the checklist

The examples below reference Google, but you can find the complete steps (including calendar system-specific steps) for rolling out Robin on our master checklist.

What you'll do:

Links you'll care about

Based on experience, you'll probably care most about security practices, where to download the applications, and how to find troubleshooting guides.

Who do I talk to if I need help?

If you (or any of your co-workers) have any questions, you can contact us in a few ways. We are happy to support your users directly within the app.

  • Email 
  • Live chat: On the web dashboard click the chat button in the bottom corner to start a conversation. We respond super quick!

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