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Administrators can connect Robin with Office 365 using one of two methods; via a service account, or installing the Robin application directly on your team's domain. See below for more information on the two possible options for connecting Office 365 to Robin.

Enterprise Application

Installing Robin as an Azure Enterprise Application allows teams to set it and forget it. This method, which requires a Global Administrator in Office 365, installs the app for the entire O365 tenant -- the benefit being you don't have to keep updating permissions as you add new calendars. 

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Service Account

A service account is more configurable and is good for teams that want to maintain the highest level of control over permissions, access logs, etc. This approach may feel more comfortable for folks familiar with Exchange. The service account should have impersonation access (for Robin accounts created before Sept. 12, 2023) or room delegation access (for Robin accounts created after Sept. 12, 2023) for all of the room calendars you'd like Robin to manage. This enables creating and editing events through Robin. 

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For more about how Office 365 connects to Robin check out this article.

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