Automatic scheduling with presence

Automatic booking communicates when a space is occupied -- and likely will be for a while. It helps squatters play by the rules by adding a 20-minute event to the shared calendar. Meetings that last longer will extend the reservation in 10 minute increments. The space becomes available again when the meeting ends and people leave. 

Events are booked both to the shared resource calendar and to the calendars of the people within the room. 

How does automatic booking work?

Spaces need to have presence enabled. People with the Robin mobile app will automatically reserve the space for 20 minutes after entering the meeting room. 

Turn automatic booking on or off

Automatic booking is a space-level setting and can be managed by administrators from the web dashboard. 

Login to dashboard and navigate to the space you'd like to update.
On the space details page, click "Manage" and scroll down until you see the the header for Scheduling > Turn on automatic booking.
This setting is off by default. To turn the setting on, click the "Off" button. 
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