Require meeting check in & remove abandoned meetings

The Rooms background is yellow when a room is booked and no one has checked in yet. Tapping "Check in" from the display, mobile app, or web dashboard will confirm that the space is in use, and the display changes to red. 

To enforce punctuality and ensure rooms aren't sitting empty, the auto unbook setting on the tablet will cancel the room reservation if no one presses the "start meeting" button or confirms the meeting via one of Robin's other apps.


Display Scheduling Settings 

Administrators may update room display settings from the web dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Offices, and then click the location and space you'd like to update settings for. 

From the Space Management page, scroll down to Room Display and Display Scheduling.



Abandoned meeting protection

Abandoned meeting protection is disabled by default. Click to enable this feature. Meeting check-ins must be enabled in order to provide users with the option to check in. 

The meeting organizer will receive an email notification from Robin once their meeting has been canceled. 

Abandoned Threshold

Adjust the threshold and timing for canceling meetings. The default is 10 minutes, but choose the amount of time, in minutes, that works for your office. 

Strikes for recurring events

This feature requires teams to have a Google Apps integration and to be running the recurring events Beta Feature

This feature aims at recovering free space from meetings long forgotten. Set the number of times a recurring meeting can go unattended before Robin clears it permanently from the schedule. 


Meetings that are 8 hours or more in length, do not require confirmation, and will not auto unbook. If you create a meeting within 2 hours of the start time, the meeting will be automatically confirmed and will not require check in.

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