Require meeting check in & auto-unbook setting

Robin uses yellow to show when a room is booked and no one has checked in yet.  Pressing the "Start Meeting" button changes the display to red, and lets others know that the room is occupied. 

To enforce punctuality and ensure rooms aren't sitting empty, the auto unbook setting on the tablet will cancel the room reservation if no one presses the "start meeting" button within 10 minutes after the start time or confirms the meeting via one of Robin's other apps.

Administrators can change this setting from the web dashboard or from the display. 

From dashboard:

Administrators may remotely manage app settings from the web dashboard. Navigate to the Space Details screen for a room with a display, and click "Manage". Scroll down to the Display header to manage settings. 
Find "Cancel no-show (abandoned) meetings". Clicking the button turns on the auto-unbooking feature and requires people to check into a space. Clicking the button again turns the feature off.


From tablet:

Tap the menu icon to open the menu for this space. Then tap Settings to open the settings menu. 
Swipe the toggle to the right (green) to turn on the auto unbooking feature and require people to check into a space. Swipe the toggle to the left (black) to turn the feature off.


Meetings that are 8 hours or more in length, do not require confirmation, and will not auto unbook. If you create a meeting within 2 hours of the start time, the meeting will be automatically confirmed and will not require check in.

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