Create calendar resources for rooms in G Suite

Robin works best with G Suite when using resource calendars.

Meet the calendar resource

A calendar resource (aka “resource calendar”, “room calendar”) is a special type of calendar meant for shared resources like rooms or equipment (i.e. camera equipment) that can only do one thing at a time.

This video walkthrough shows you how to set up calendars for your rooms in under a minute. 

Before getting started, you'll need:

  • Administrator access for your G Suite for Business account
  • The names of all your conference rooms 


Sign in to the Google Admin console. Click Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Resources.

Click Create a new resource. Enter the resource name, type, and description. Pro Tip: Follow Google's recommendations for naming conventions.
Click Save Changes.
Add the resource to your My Calendars list so you can manage it. Here's how.
Share the calendar with the people in your organization, so that they can "See all event details". Your booking user account should have permission to "Make Changes and Manage Sharing". 


Test scheduling your resource in Google. It may take up to 24 hours before users can schedule a newly-created resource.


Make sure your new calendars have the correct settings enabled to sync with Robin.
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