Email templates for introducing Robin

You've set up room calendars in Robin, and now you have to let people know about it. Fortunately this is the fun part. We've put together a starter email template that we've found do a good job explaining the system to newcomers. Feel free to edit it to match your company's interests.

This is best to send out a day or two before the system goes live:

Sample intro template

Subject: A new scheduling tool is incoming

Hi everyone,

This week we're rolling out Robin in the office. It's an easier way for everyone to schedule meeting rooms around the office, and avoid the collisions. You will find it much easier to find places to hold meetings. 

Some highlights:

  • Conference rooms will now have tablets outside the door. They will show the day's schedule and make it easy to see which rooms are free. 
  • There's a scheduling website and (optional) mobile app to help you do this from your desk. 
  • It works with our existing calendars, so you can still book the old way too if you'd like. You can use the browser extension to get better insight into which rooms are available when you need them and book directly from your calendar. 
  • You will all receive personalized invitations to our company's account later today. Your invite will contain further instructions.

If you have any questions, both [CHAMPION 2] and I are the best people to ask.

We recommend having at least two points of contact so your colleagues have an easier time getting their questions answered early on. That way you can make sure your own schedule isn't completely taken over during your first week on the system.

Use your dedicated login page

We also recommend you link newcomers to your dedicated login page, which each organization gets by default. This will show only the login options you've set up. Your colleagues will still be able to look up the page by username (e.g. "your-company"), but it's helpful to save a step when introducing. You can find a link to your organization's dedicated login page via Settings > Members.

Optional: Allow self-signup with single sign-on (SSO)

If you have enabled Single Sign On through Google or SAML provider, your coworkers will not need to wait for a manual invitation. You can instead link to your organization custom login page and instruct them to sign in using their company account, which will add them to the organization automatically.

If you're only using the room display system, you may want to remove the sections on mobile and personal invitations.

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