Getting Started: Office Admins

What does Robin mean for me?

You probably spend a lot of your day as a traffic controller. You deal with problems like:

  • "Someone took my conference room"
  • "I forgot to book a room and my customer is arriving in 20 minutes."
  • "This room is scheduled but nobody is in there"

Robin is a room scheduling tool that allows you to see everything that's happening around the office in one place, without having to flip through confusing calendar and floor layouts. It will give you superpowers when it comes to managing the office.

What does Robin do?

People use Robin to:

  • Find a place to sit: desk assignments and reservations
  • Find free space
  • Book calendar events for rooms
  • Get meetings started quickly
  • See what's happening in the office
  • See who's in the office

One of the biggest things Robin does is help people help themselves.

A good example is the room display. It's an app for iPad and Android tablets that you mount outside of each meeting room door. As meetings come up, the app will automatically display it and show that the room is booked so nobody will take the room. It also gives your co-workers the ability to start and end meetings from the door, so when meetings end early the calendar will free up.

How do I use it?

Since Robin syncs with your existing calendar, everyone can continue scheduling meetings the same way they do now. They (and you) will have better tools for finding the right space.

On our web and mobile apps, you can search for rooms & desks that are free for specific date & time, and then schedule them directly from Robin. We've seen this search feature solve many games of "last minute meeting musical chairs". As the office administrator, you'll typically use the web dashboard the most, since that gives the highest level of control. It will also allow you to book rooms, edit existing meetings, and see where everyone's schedule has them.

What do I need to set up?

You can find the complete steps for rolling out Robin to your company on our master checklist.

Since you're the office operations expert, you'll set up the room schedule, settings, and extra details. As an office administrator, you're the anchor for a successful Robin setup. At most companies, set up is a team effort that involves facilities and IT departments.

What you'll do

When it comes time to invite your co-workers, we have an email template to make it easy.

Links you need

Based on experience, you'll probably care most about these:

Who do I talk to if I need help?

If you have any questions, you can contact us in a few ways:

  • Email 
  • Live chat: On the web dashboard press the red circle in the bottom right corner to start a conversation. We respond super quick!

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