The event composer

When you create or edit meetings in Robin's web dashboard, most of the time it will be through the event composer. It is accessible via any "Book Meeting" button on the site, or by clicking on an available timeslot from the search page.

How it works

The event composer works just like your current calendar system, and any event you create with it with automatically sync back to the room's calendar. Same thing for editing existing events.

If you like the way you book meetings today, you don't have to use Robin to create new events, but most folks find it easier when room scheduling is involved.

Inviting others to your event

You can also invite others by entering their email address or (for other Robin users) their name. We'll try to auto-complete names based on past events and current user lists within Robin.

Meeting services

If there are any meeting services included on the event, you'll see them included as invitees of the meeting as well. You can learn more about how meeting services work here.

Automatic conflict checks

This event composer has a few extra tricks that make it easy to avoid scheduling conflicts. Whenever you pick a time, Robin will automatically check to see if the room has a conflict and show you a "preflight" confirmation at the bottom of the window. If Robin knows of a fellow invitee's schedule conflict, it will also warn you of those too.

Minimize multiple windows

You can minimize the composer window and open additional ones. They will persist across pages, so you don't have to worry about losing your work while checking on a room's amenities, etc.

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