How to delete (cancel) an event

Events can be deleted from the web dashboard or from the mobile app. Few guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Only event organizers and Robin administrators can delete events.
  2. Events in the past can only be deleted from Robin via the web dashboard, and will not sync deletions made within your calendar system.

From the web dashboard

Navigate to the space details screen where the event is booked.
Find your event from the agenda. Select the "Actions" tab next to your event. If you are the creator of the event or an administrator for your team's Robin account, then you'll see the option to Edit or Delete your event. 




Editing events

Meeting creators and Robin administrators can edit events booked using Robin by clicking the "Actions" tab. Any synced events should be edited from the calendar directly. Learn more about editing events. 

From the mobile app

Find the event you'd like to edit or delete from your Schedule, and then tap to open the Event details. Tap "Edit" in the top right corner of the card. 
At the bottom of the Edit view, you'll see a Delete button. Tap the button to delete your event. 


Manually deleting Robin-scheduled events from Google Calendar

If an event is scheduled in Robin, the easiest way to delete it is to use Robin. If you must delete a Robin-scheduled event in Google Calendar, you will need to make sure to manually remove all of the invitees. This is because the meeting was organized by the booking user, and only their "Delete" button cancels everything. Here's a GIF showing the manual process:

This is the only special case for Google users. All other edits can be done normally and will sync as expected.

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