Mounting guide for glass conference rooms

This guide assumes three things:

You have an all-glass conference room that you are (rightfully) very proud of.
You've looked at the options in our display mounting guide, and none of them work for your room
Free-standing mounts like this are not possible for your setup. Keep in mind that this will always be the easiest route for cable management, etc.

If the above accurately describes your situation, you're in the right place. Keep in mind that these recommendations are based only on our experience so far. When in doubt, you should always defer to your facilities and IT teams' expertise.


Get a Heckler mount for conference rooms. Remove the bracket that is used to attach to frames from the side. Keep the remaining piece for mounting.


You will need to use an external battery to avoid cluttering your glass walls with cables. Many of the mounts above are able to accommodate thin batteries like this.


The simplest way to attach the mount to your glass wall is to use adhesive. Drilling screws into glass is possible, but is also something you should leave to the professionals. The positioning of the mount will cover the adhesive from the outside, and it should not be visible to visitors.

Buy one of the following types of adhesives and put it on the back of the mount:

Apply firm pressure to the glass, and your mount should stay in place. It is better to apply more adhesive than you think you need than to discover your floor has an iPad-sized hole in it later.

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