How does the free trial work?

When you make a new organization on Robin, you'll automatically start a 14 day trial of our Pro plan. While on the Pro plan you will be able to add up to 15 calendared spaces in a single location.

If things go well, you can always upgrade before your trial ends. As an Owner, you'll find the full list of plans available from Settings > Billing in the web dashboard. We have plans for just about everyone.


What happens at the end of a trial?

When the trial is over, all but one of your spaces will be disabled until you pick a plan. All of their information is kept safe, although they will no longer show up in the apps and pause calendar syncing. Once you choose a plan, reactivate each space via Settings > Offices. Select a building and scroll down to view Spaces in this building. Hover over each space to see the Reactivate option. 


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