Filtering search results

When you start a search in Robin, you can refine your results using filters. Filters makes it easy to narrow down room availability based on attributes like building, floor, capacity, amenities, and space type. You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a tutorial on filtering search results. 

We'll use the web dashboard for examples in this guide, but you can use the mobile app.

Adding filters

Filters are available on the Office search page, right under the main time and date search. You can apply a filter at any time, so you can also use it to narrow down the live feed of spaces without a specific time in mind. The Omnibar in the top navigation of the dashboard provides another quick and easy way to find specific locations and people in your organization.

What kinds of things can you search for?

Refine your searches by including only what you need.

  • Name: Match a space by partial or full name.
  • Building: Limit results to specific locations, or everything in your sprawling office empire.
  • Capacity: The maximum occupancy
  • Type: For when you need a Call Room instead of a Conference Room. Learn more.
  • Amenities: Equipment available in the space (available for Pro plans and higher).
  • Level: If an Admin has set up floors within Robin, you can narrow your search and find spaces that are closer to each other.  
  • Permissions: Choose to view just the spaces available to book, or choose to include all spaces, including those that may need the help of an administrator to schedule.
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