Switch between multiple office locations

When you join an organization, you'll have access to all office buildings. Buildings group spaces together into places like "West Coast Office" or "Building A".

Change buildings from the dashboard

You can switch between locations by clicking the grey arrow to the right of the current location. Then pick another location to view. 


Change locations from the mobile app

The Office tab in the mobile app shows availability of your default location. To switch locations, tap the search field. Then, tap the "X" to clear out the default location. Select your desired location from the list, then tap "Search" to see available spaces in the new location. 



Set your default location

You can also set a default location under your account settings in the web dashboard. This will make sure the apps load your preferred office first.

To set a default location, open your Settings:


Then select your default office from the Office Preferences section at the bottom of the page.

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