How to turn on autocomplete for meeting invitations

Connect your Google account to enable autocomplete and invite your contacts to meetings.


From the meeting invitation screen, select "Access Google Contacts".
Select the Google account you'd like to connect. Your work email is best here.

Accept permissions.
Robin will now autocomplete email addresses based based on your contact list.
Give it a try! Start to enter someone's name in the invite field. Tap to select the person you'd like to invite to your event, based on the options from your contact list. If the person you're inviting to your meeting is not currently one of your contacts, you will need to enter his/her email address manually.



Robin uses the phone's internal contact list to suggest names and email addresses of invitees. Users on Android 5.0 and below will automatically accept these permissions when they download the app. 

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) users will be asked for permission to access contacts, and will be alerted that autocomplete isn't enabled if the permission was denied.  

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