Bring your office search tools into your team chat with the help of Robinbot.

Room schedules in Slack chat

When you add the Slack integration for Robin, a new bot user will join your team. Once it's connected, you can invite it to rooms using the /invite @robinbot command or just message it directly. It will not join any of your channels by default.

Robinbot will only respond when mentioned directly in a public channel, or when directly messaged in a private chat. You can see a list of commands by saying @robinbot help. It may respond to other (unreleased and in development) things too, but the officially supported list is available via the help command.

Robinbot is currently best at showing free rooms around your office. Booking events via the bot is something we're working on, but is not an officially support feature right now. Here's a preview:

The bot gets smarter every week, and this list will change over time.

Install the Robin Slack app

As an administrator, open Settings > Integrations and find the Slack option.

This will open a window where you can choose which Slack team to connect.

Pick your Slack team, then authorize the app:

Once you press "Authorize", Robinbot will connect to your Slack team automatically and can be found via the Team Directory. Invite it to a common channel, or just leave it as a DM-only tool.

Have feedback for the bot? Send it to and we'll make sure it gets the message.

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