Import Meridian spaces and beacons into Robin

The Meridian Import tool uses the placemark, beacon, and way finding data already associated with your Meridian account to automatically set up spaces and beacons in Robin. 

This guide assumes you are an Aruba customer and have your office set up within the Meridian Editor. 

Log in to the Meridian Editor. Navigate to Permissions > Application Tokens. Click "Add +"
Type "Robin" into the pop-up modal, and select the permissions level for the token. Robin needs "Read Only".  This will generate an API token to share. Copy the API token -- you will paste it into Robin's dashboard momentarily.


If you've already created an account within Robin, login to the Robin dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrations. Click Add next to Meridian. If you haven't yet created a Robin account, you can do so here.

Paste the API token copied earlier from the Meridian dashboard. Then, proceed through the workflow to connect your Meridian account with Robin. Import your Meridian buildings to Robin locations, including all placemarks and beacons, to unlock indoor navigation. 

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