Getting started: Setting up your office for Robin + Meridian

New to both Meridian and Robin? We recommend setting up placemarks and beacons in the Meridian Editor first.

Then, use the import tool in Robin to pull your space and beacon data into Robin. Saves you from adding office details in multiple places - and, hopefully - gets you up and running faster. 

This guide is a brief overview on how to get your maps and beacons configured in the Meridian Editor. You can find more in-depth tutorials on the set-up process from Meridian's Help Docs

Quick check

Before diving in, make sure you have the following handy for set up:

  • Login credentials to the Meridian Editor. You'll receive this information from Meridian after setting up your subscription.
  • Aruba beacons for navigation and/or presence

Before adding spaces in Robin, configure your office using the Meridian Editor

Add your office maps

Before you can use the Meridian Editor, you'll need to send Meridian a high-resolution PNG, PDF, or jpg of your office floor plans. They'll render and upload your office floor plan in a format that will work for both web and mobile use. Once your map is set up, log into the Meridian editor to add placemarks and routing.

Add Placemarks

Placemarks are the points of interest in your office. These should include bookable spaces through Robin (e.g., meeting rooms, call rooms). If you already have a Meridian account, log in to read how to set up placemarks in the Meridian Editor.


Deploy and configure your beacons

You'll need the Aruba Beacons app (iPhone only) to configure your beacons.

Aruba beacons can be configured for location mode. Beacons in location mode are used for indoor navigation.

If you already have a Meridian account, log in to read how to deploy your beacons.

Tips for beacon placement

Location beacons can be placed on walls or ceilings using adhesive, or mounts. Beacons should be placed about every 30 feet or so. A beacon's placement will affect the movement of the blue dot in the app. Aligning beacons in a straight line (when possible) assures that blue-dot navigation follows a straight line, too. 


Next up

After setting up your Meridian configuration, import your spaces and beacons into Robin.

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