Enable presence with Aruba beacons

Robin works with many kinds of beacons, like Kontakt, Gimbal, Estimote, or Radius. Use this guide to set up beacons that aren't made by Aruba Networks.

Robin uses a variety of methods to know when someone is in a room. We call this presence.

One method pairs beacons with a space. Think of the beacon as a tiny radio. It sends out a signal which the Robin mobile app listens for. The app hears and interprets the information, then responds by saying "this phone is here".

Specifically, beacons share 3 important numbers with Robin:

  • UUID, or what it is
  • Major, or the general location
  • Minor, or the specific room

To pair a beacon with your room, follow these steps.

Common Pitfalls

Only Proximity beacons can be added manually. Location beacons must be done through the Meridian import wizard.

Open the Beacons App and tap the info icon on a proximity beacon to find the values for Major and Minor. You'll input these values into Robin momentarily. 
Administrators can add devices to their spaces from Robin's web dashboard. Navigate to the space details screen for the room you'd like to add a beacon to, and click Manage.


Scroll down to the Devices header, and click Add Device.
In the pop-up, select the Meridian (iBeacon) mode. 
Enter the major/minor values show on your beacon manager into the Robin dashboard. Click Add Device.  Now your beacon is paired with your space.

I don't see the Meridian beacon mode

Trying to add an Aruba beacon? Only proximity beacons can be added manually. Location beacons must be done via the import wizard. You'll need to import at least one beacon using the Meridian Import tool before you can add Aruba beacons manually. During the import process, Meridian passes the UUID specific to your organization to Robin.

Clear the beacon cache in your app to start posting presence

If you're using an iPhone, you'll need to clear the beacon cache within the Robin app. This allows Robin's mobile apps to start ranging for the new beacon.

Open the Robin app. Tap the Settings icon and open the setting menu.
Scroll down and tap the button: Clear beacon and space data.
Return to the home screen. Your new beacon is now activated, and members in your organization with the mobile app will now be able to post presence.

Common Pitfalls

Aren't seeing yourself in the Robin mobile app after adding beacons? If you're using an iPhone, navigate to Settings > "Clear beacon and space data" to start ranging for your new beacons. If that doesn't work, try these tips.

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