Booking events via room display

If you're migrating from another scheduling system, you may notice that Robin's room display app only allows ad hoc meetings. This is intentional and is one of the ways we help keep your office running smoothly.

Room displays are the only place that allows "anonymous" booking. If you allow them to book meetings in the future, you're likely to see an increase in abandoned (or forgotten) meetings. Events in the future work best if they have an owner, which is where our other apps come in.


You can book events at any time (including the future) via our web and mobile apps. By using these apps for future events instead, your team can keep ownership over the events they book because they have dedicated user accounts across the apps. All plans come with unlimited users, so you don't have to worry about managing who gets access.

For most organizations, the mobile app is a much more flexible way to book and still maintain ownership over events. People shouldn't have to walk to the room they wish to book next Tuesday at 10AM when they have the same power on their phone.


Follow the tutorial below for more room display tips

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