Enabling single sign on via O365

Teams running Office 365 have the option to enable single sign-on (SSO) for one click authentication. This makes it easy to invite a large group just by sending out the link to dashboard.robinpowered.com.

With Office 365 SSO enabled, your coworkers can select "Sign in with O365" and enter their work email address. As long as the domain in their email matches your service account (e.g. both are @youcompany.com) then they will automatically join your company's Robin account. If you need extra Office 365 domains whitelisted for your account, send us a message.

How to enable SSO

Heads up: 

In order to enable SSO via Office 365, you'll need to have an active O365 account connected for calendars.

As an admin, log into the web dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Integrations and scroll down. 
The SSO for Office 365 will share a button with Google, toggle single sign-on to "On". Now, anyone with an email address that matches the address of your service account will automatically join your team when they log in. 



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