Assigning seats using the Office tab

User permissions required 

Global Admin role OR, 

Custom admin roles can manage a specific floor plan IF they have the following permissions on the location level:

  • Manage offices and Maps: Location level
  • Delegation: Can assign & reserve desks for others
  • Assign Desks:Location level

You can easily assign a person to a desk using the map on the Office tab. If you need to assign multiple people to a desk on different days or assign a group of people to desks, use the Assignment tool instead. 

How to assign desks using the office map

1. Open the Office tab and select a date. 

2. Click a green (assigned) desk on the map.

3. Click Edit Schedule. If you're seeing "Reserve," you've selected a hot/hotel desk, not an assigned desk.

4. Select the days of the week you'd like that person to be assigned to that desk.  

2023-12-06_15-07-40 (1).gif

5. Click Publish. 

6. Review your changes before officially publishing the seat assignments and decide if you want to notify anyone impacted by the seat assignment.  


7. Click Publish. Changes go live immediately. 

How to edit a seat assignment schedule

1. You can assign multiple people to one desk on different days of the week. In the example below, you can see the desk is already assigned on Monday & Tuesday. 


2. Click Edit Schedule for more details and to make changes.

3. Hover over each assigned day to see who is sitting there. Click the X to remove them.

2023-12-06_15-51-10 (1).gif

4. Then, you can reassign the desk to someone else and notify the employees of the changes.
Tip - to reassign the desk to multiple people at once, use the Assignment Tool. 

If the assigned desk has the "Bookable on unassigned days" setting turned on, then folks can reserve it for hot/hotel reservations on days it's not being used as an assigned seat. 


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