Office Density Dashboard


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The Office density dashboard displays the total number of hot and hotel bookings per day divided by total hot and hotel desks. A desk is “booked” if the desk has one or more reservations during that day. Assigned desks are excluded from this visualization. This dashboard cannot be edited. 

Navigate to  Analytics >  open the Dashboards tab on the left > Office Density tab.

Why it's important: Admins often want to know, “Which days of the week are busy and less busy?” Armed with this data, admins can encourage employees to come into the office on less busy days to use the office more efficiently and prevent buying more space when they don’t need it. They can better plan social events or all-hands meetings on a day when most employees will be in the office. Admins can reduce total lunch orders on Fridays to match the number of employees who typically come in on that day and can use data to validate changes to office strategy.

How it's calculated:

Office density = (hot + hotel bookings per day) / (hot + hotel desks)

Note: Office Density uses data for hot and hotel desks and excludes assigned desks.


Note that only accounts with Advanced Analytics + custom dashboards will see the "New Dashboard" button. 

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