Booking events via the room display

How to book a room via QR code

Standing in front of an empty meeting room and want to use it for your meeting? Scan the QR code to book the room for a new or existing meeting on your schedule.  

IMG_74936DC0C5C1-1.jpegSimply scan the QR code with your phone and complete the booking using the Robin mobile app. Watch the quick video below to see how easy it is!

If you scan the QR code and you don't have the Robin mobile app downloaded yet, it will bring you to your device's app store to download the app first. 


How to book a room for ad hoc events

Every office is set up differently, but if your office allows "anonymous" ad hoc meetings, you may also see the option to book the room on the fly using the meeting duration options captured below. 

Keep in mind, that these types of meetings are considered "anonymous" because there is no way to identify who booked (or pressed) the impromptu meeting from the display, versus scanning the QR code and completing the booking from your mobile app. 

imprompt + QR.png

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