Automatic desk booking feature (Beta)


The Automatic Desk booking feature minimizes the time spent planning to come into the office for employees who have a regular schedule. Robin will smartly book desks for employees who have a default schedule set (and have opted into the feature). 

How it works

Admin experience

The Automatic Desk Booking feature is enabled by default, but Robin owners & admins have the option to disable this feature on the organization level and/or on the office building level.  

  • Manage setting on the organization level: Navigate to Manage > Organization > under "Features" & toggle off the Automatic desk booking setting

  • Manage setting on the office building level: Navigate to Manage > office building > Select the box next to each office location to turn on/off the feature for that location.  

Automatic Desk Booking reporting

For the beta program, automatically booked desks show up in reporting as booked desks, even if the person does not show up. It follows the same pattern as desk bookings do today in reporting:

1. A desk is booked (by a human or automatically by Robin).

2. The desk shows up in the reporting as a booked desk.

3. If desk check-ins + abandoned desk protection policies are on and the person doesn't check in, the automatically booked desk is unbooked/given up for someone else to use.

4. If desk check-ins + abandoned desk protection policies are turned off, then the automatically booked desk will appear in reporting as if the person came in. 

Employee experience

Employees can choose if they want to use the Automatic Desk Booking or not. Employees can turn the feature on/off from their user profile settings or from their setting preferences on the Workweek view. 

  • User profile settings: Navigate to the profile icon in the top right corner > User settings > Default location & schedule tab > toggle on/off the Automatic desk booking setting.

auto desk bk setting.png

  • Workweek preference settings: Navigate to the Schedule tab > Workweek view filtered to preferred office (default page for most users) > Work status drop-down > Edit default schedule. 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 9.40.06 AM.png

In order for Robin to smartly book desks for an employee, the following must be true:

✅ Automatic Desk Booking feature is enabled by admins for their preferred office location

✅ Automatic Desk Booking feature is turned on under their user preferences

✅ They have a default schedule set (remote/in-office status)


If a user opts into Automatic Desk Booking on a Wednesday and has an in-office default schedule for Tuesday & Thursday, on Wednesday, Robin will book desks for them for Thursday and the following Tuesday & Thursday. Every Sunday after that, Robin will book desks Tuesday & Thursday for one more week out. 


Users will not receive notifications during the beta, but these are planned for general release.

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