(Beta) How to use the automatic desk booking feature

The Automatic Desk booking feature helps minimize the time you spend planning to come into the office if you have a regular schedule. Robin will smartly book desks for you if you have a default schedule set (and have opted into the feature). 

You can turn the feature on/off from your user profile settings or from your settings preferences on the Workweek view. 

  • User profile settings: Navigate to the profile icon in the top right corner > User settings > Default location & schedule tab > toggle on/off the Automatic desk booking setting.

auto desk bk setting.png

  • Workweek preference settings: Navigate to the Schedule tab for preferred office > Workweek view (default page for most users) > Work status drop-down > Edit default schedule. 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 9.40.06 AM.png

In order for Robin to smartly book desks for you, the following must be true:

✅ Automatic Desk Booking feature is enabled for your preferred office location

✅ Automatic Desk Booking feature is turned on under your user preferences

✅ You have a default work schedule set (remote/in-office status)

After you opt-in, desks will be booked from that day up through the next week. After that Robin will automatically book the desks for 2 weeks out every subsequent weekend. 


If you opt into Automatic Desk Booking on a Wednesday and have an in-office default schedule for Tuesday & Thursday, on Wednesday, Robin will book desks for you for Thursday and the following Tuesday & Thursday. Every Sunday after that, Robin will book desks on Tuesday & Thursday for one more week out. 



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